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Brexit in Boston: the largest leave vote in Britain

Newly-wed Kelly Goring, 31, with her nephew outside the White Hart Hotel in Boston. "The community has changed and we’ve had enough. They take our jobs, they take our shops, our NHS, they take our dentists, they take our doctors, the houses for the council, and we’ve had enough.”

Kebab shop owner Selcuk (centre) was born in Turkey but has lived in the UK for 15 years. "Too many people are not working, drinking alcohol. I work hard, everyone’s working hard. These Polish people, not working, just claiming benefits. If they’re living here in this county, they should be able to speak a little bit of English. I’m not joking, they don’t even know the name for salad. They don’t even understand the word for sauce. Honestly, I’m stressed here, honestly."

Chloe, 24, right, with a friend at a ska band night at the Gliderdrome in Boston. Chloe did not vote. "I didn’t vote, because politicians don’t listen anyway. Too many people are falling out over it so I’m glad I’m neutral. [If I had voted] I would have voted Out, because I think we need to bring manufacturing back.”

Colin, 54, left, who voted Leave, and his son in law T.J., 34, who forgot to vote. Colin: " I hope gradually they’re gonna stop a lot of them from coming in, take the numbers down a bit, and the scumbags that are in the streets walking round like packs of wolves, just drinking all day, need gathering up, putting on a container ship, and sending back." T.J.: " I think the African people now will have more opportunities to get jobs and all that, because they consider the European people first."

Eggis, 36, farm worker, originally from Lithuania. Eggis could not vote. "My employer is happy because I’m doing a good job. I don’t think I’ll have to go home but I’m worried about the economy.”

Vitalia and her daughter Brigita, 7, pick strawberries in front of Boston’s main hospital. Vitalia's originally from Lithuania and has lived in the UK for 9 years. She did not vote. "I’m scared about the future. Maybe they’ll tell us to go back to Lithuania.”

Gail Cooper, 62, walks her spaniel Suki, on Freiston Marsh. Gail voted Remain. "I just find there are a lot of men around my age who keep saying we can be GREAT Britain again, and I just think that’s nonsense."

A man drinks a pint in front of one of the last working windmills in England.

The market town of Boston, Lincolnshire, in the agricultural heart of eastern England, saw the largest vote to leave the European Union in 2016 with 75.6% voting out. Nationally, Britons voted to leave the EU by 51% to 48%.