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Heavy fog covers the Houses of Parliament in London.

Lust and awkwardness among revellers at the Hackney Weekender in east London.

Rioters loot a convenience shop during widespread civil unrest in the capital.

Sequins at Notting Hill Carnival.

New Year fireworks explode across the London skyline.

Hassidic jews bless the sun, a once-in-20-years ritual, in Stoke Newington.

Irish dancers on St Patrick's Day.

London rain.

Notting Hill carnival queens shelter from a rain shower.

Facists protest muslim communities in Tower Hamlets, a London borough known for its high of British Bangladeshi population. From the 1680s onwards Tower Hamlets was home to French Protestant Huguenots escaping religious persecution on the continent, and in the 1880s Russian Jews fleeing pogroms began to arrive and made east London their home.

Snowfall on Highbury Fields.