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London streets

Londoners caught in rain.

Notting Hill carnival queens shelter from a rain shower.

Shoppers clamour for bargains at the Boxing Day sales at Selfridges.

Member of the far-right English Defence League salute during a march through ethnically diverse east London.

Backstage at London Fashion Week.

Rioters loot a convenience shop during widespread civil unrest in the capital.

The Welsh Guards on parade outside Buckingham Palace.

Lust and awkwardness among revellers at the Hackney Weekender in east London.

Nightclubbing at the Ministry of Sound.

Heavy fog covers the Houses of Parliament in London.

Hassidic jews bless the sun, a once-in-20-years ritual, in Stoke Newington.

A dog and his walker enjoy snowfall on Highbury Fields.

A performer at Notting Hill Carnival.

Irish dancers on St Patrick's Day.

New Year fireworks explode across the London skyline.

Pakistani teenage activist Malala Yousafzai, who was shot in the head by the Taliban while campaigning for girls' education, signs a book at the Southbank Centre in central London.