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The Fast and the Studious

Students watch as Ujol Hussain, 16, is driven past in a hired Lamborghini during the supercar parade at Swanlea graduation day.

Aisha, 16, talks to fellow pupil Tanvir, 16, next to his hired Ferrari, on the Rickman Street estate.

Halima Miah, 16, arrives in a Ferrari for the parade.

Aminul Mishu Alam, 16, walks past the parked supercars.

Samad Ahmed, 16, leans out of a Maybach in a retail park in Mile End.

School friends Jannat and Wahid sit in a Maybach.

The community turns out to watch the parade.

Tahmina Ahmed, 16, poses in front of a Rolls Royce.

Ready to go.

Boys watch the parade.

A student shows off his haircut on graduation day.

In Tower Hamlets, one of the most deprived parts of London, 16-year-olds are increasingly spending large sums of money to rent luxury cars for their National Record of Achievement ceremony. The teenagers, who are too young to drive, are chauffered around the neighbourhood and attend the ceremony at school, often before spending a night on the town.