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The epic World Nomad Games in central Asia

Riders and horses aflame open the World Nomad Games.

An eagle hunter shares a moment with his bird.

Horse wrestling is often bloodier for the horses than the riders.

Nomad tents for competitors and spectators.

Spectators gather to watch the competition.

Kyrgyz women prepare soup outside their yurt.

A Kyrgyz dancer practices.

A Mongol lines up his bow and arrow.

A rider arrives through the main entrance gate.

Stunt riders from Turkey perform.

Nomads from 40 countries met on the high jailoo, or summer pastures, in Kyrgyzstan to compete in sports such as eagle hunting, bone throwing, horseback wrestling and kok-boru, a tough Central Asian form of polo in which two teams battle for control of a decapitated goat carcass.